SOLENOID VALVE (โซลินอยด์วาล์ว)
    HAND VALVE (วาล์วมือโยก)
    FOOT VALVE (วาล์วเท้าเหยียบ)
    AIR VALVE (วาล์วสั่งงานด้วยลม)
    SPEED CONTROL VALVE (ตัวปรับความเร็วลม)
    SHUTTLE VALVE (ชัตเทิลวาล์ว)
    FITTING (ข้อต่อลม)
    SAFETY RELIEF VALVE (เซฟตี้วาล์ว)
    FLOW SWITCH (โฟลวสวิทย์)
    VACUUM ENJECTOR (แวคคัมอีเจคเตอร์)
    CHECK VALVE PNEUMATIC (เช็ควาล์วลม)
    OIL COOLER (ออยล์คูลเลอร์)
      Polyurethane Tube (สายลมโพลียูรีเทน)
    SILENCER (ตัวเก็บเสียง)
    FLOATING JOINT (โฟลทติ้งจอยท์)
    ROTARY JOINT (โรตารี่จอยท์)
    POWER UNIT (ชุดต้นกำลัง)
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SAFL250~850 Series
  SAFL series installed in the main line improve the function of later drier, prolong the expected life span of precision filter and prevent the troubles of machinery by eliminating the impurities such as moisture, oil, other foreign substances from the compressed air.
Model Port size Large image Structure Dimension(mm)
SAFL 250 02 Rc(PT) 1/4"
SAFL 350 03 Rc(PT) 3/8"
04 Rc(PT) 1/2"
SAFL 450 04 Rc(PT) 1/2"
SAFL 550 06 Rc(PT) 3/4"
10 Rc(PT) 1"
SAFL 650 14 Rc(PT) 1 1/2"
20 Rc(PT) 2"
SAFL 850 14 Rc(PT) 1 1/2"
20 Rc(PT) 2"
Filter element should be changed after 2 years of using or when pressure drops to 1.0kgf/㎠.
When auto drain is used : Drain piping should be both 4mm or greater in diameter and less than 1m in length. Also should avoid setting drain piping upwards.
When auto drain is out of order, it is possible to drain manually by operating one-touch-fitting vertically.
With a drain cock attached, drain can be done when the head of liquid is shown at the glass indication tube.

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